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Acim inflatable packers
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About Acim inflatable packers

ACIM provides a diverse and efficient selection of inflatable packers, fraccing tools and systems. By applying our expertise and innovative design, we have established ourselves as leading suppliers of safe and cost effective products in the industry. We pride ourselves on quality and reliability, ensuring all of our inflatable packers are designed to reduce the possibility of packer failures caused by unexpected inconsistencies. Each product undergoes strict quality control during the manufacturing process to ensure it meets high standards before shipment. The choice of a packer for a specific job application is extremely essential for success at a sensible cost. The packer may be used as an easy fill-up tool saving rig time and assuring that every joint is filled as it's lowered into the well. Inflatable packers are used in the gas and oil industry since the 1940s. Because of their modular design, all packers offer you dependable and straightforward operation. With the smallest eleme


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