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About Belmont Hire Service

Belmont Hire. Perth's Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Specialists. With nearly half a century of experience, Belmont Hire caters to businesses, tradespeople and DIY projects throughout Perth. Our continually-updated product range includes construction, lifting and landscaping equipment, power tools, trailers, mobile towers and more. Belmont Hire is a local, Western Australian-owned equipment rental company with over 40 years of industry experience. Catering to businesses, tradespeople and the public, the team at Belmont Hire stock an extensive and ever-expanding range of construction equipment, scaffolding supplies, machinery and industrial hardware. Belmont Hire is a member of the Australian Hire and Rental Association and was named Single-Outlet Hire Company of the Year for 2004.

Scaffolding. Belmont Hire supply superior quality Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding to contractors and home renovators throughout Western Australia. Our scaffolding is maintained to an exceptional standard, with all equipment tested regularly by professional technicians.  Whether you are a painter, renovator or construction worker, our extensive range of Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding is a reliable and safe solution for your task. Air Equipment. AIR COMRESSOR 14CFM PETROL. Convenient to transport and easy to function, this compressor does not need onsite power. Ideal for inflating tyres, pressure testing and cleaning, as well as powering nail guns, spray guns, needle guns, air drills and staples. Auto Tools. AXLE STANDS. Available for hire in pairs, our axle stands are highly stable and able to bear heavy loads. Builders Equipment. ARBORTECH SAW. The AS170 offers extreme levels of precision, accuracy and control allowing the tool to be used for a wide range of applications from heritage masonry work to electrical installations. Cleaning Equipment. BACK PACK VAC CLEANER. For excellent mobility and a superb clean, the back pack vac is a convenient solution. Suitable for industrial and domestic applications. Compaction Equipment. PEDESTRIAN ROLLER. This light weight compactor has excellent manoeuvrability, making it ideal for smaller compacting tasks. Flattens a range of materials, including gravel, sand and soil. Concrete Equipment. CONCRETE MIXER ELEC. Our well built mixers are easy to transport and highly mobile. An ideal tool for those with onsite electricity.Cutting.  BRICK GUILLOTINE

Simple to set up, the brick guillotine is a convenient tool for cutting through bricks, pavers and building blocks.

Drills & Bits


A powerful cordless drill – ideal for sites without electrical power. Compact and light for easy handling.

Electrical Equipment.


A high performance distribution box designed to manage a large electrical capacity.


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