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About CakePHP Developers

Cakephp follows the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller) and is constantly developing. It is built on the php framework. It helps developers create smart applications and enables the user to organize the database and files. CakePHP offers great opportunities to developers in terms of accessibility and ease. CakePHP requires a good handling capacity and knowledge of tools. The advantage of hiring CakePHP Developer from PHP Programmers are as follows: Offshore and local project management service Highly skilled team Best cost-competitive rates Have delivered more than 1500 successful projects Here are the top seven features that clearly set it apart from other tools: 1. MVC Pattern 2. ORM 3. Class inheritance 4. Easily extend with plugins 5. No Configuration 6. Built-in Validation 7. CRUD Scaffolding Contact us: Suite 702, Level 7,621 Pacific Highway St Leonards, NSW- 2065 Australia Sales: +61 2 9906 2221 Support: 1300 85 82 89 Email: info@getaprogrammer.com.au


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