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Cockroach Pest Control Perth
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About Cockroach Pest Control Perth

"Cockroaches are primitive winged insects Found in every part of the world. They adapt environment quickly and have always been very successful live throughout their life. They have over 4000 species and some of them have adapted human habitats and are considered as pests because of their ability to spread diseases. They have a very broad history of over 30 million years which is an indication that they can survive anywhere and are very hard to get rid of. The only continent where they cannot survive is Antarctica because of the harsh weather conditions and no shelter to give them the warmth. Cockroaches can survive on anything; they can eat plant or animal including animal feces. Their size may vary from only .1 to 3.2 inches. Some of them can fly and have a waxy coating on their body which don’t let them drown and can stay underwater for 10 odd minutes. They can stay at a spot for 18 hours a day and can survive long enough without food. They are also known as crazy bug because when they encounter anything which threatens them they move wildly and in a zig zag way and can climb almost any surface. They have a flat body so they can hide in the tiniest of the crack. The Females mate only once in a lifetime but still fertilize and keep laying eggs without males for all their life. They have a very gifted organ on their mouth known as “palpi” which is used to taste something without eating. The females can give birth to 50 babies in 3 weeks of time at once. So don’t be surprised to see so many of them within a month. The best way to stop them is to block all the cracks in the wall and avoid leaving anything for them to eat or drink in night and keeping the place clean. The other way to move them out of the house is to call eco friendly pest control services. We have the best of the staff to keep them away by keeping your health in our mind. We have the experts who know what cockroaches can avoid while poisoning them so we have best of the techniques as well. We would not let these pests come into your house and infect you because we too have a goal in our mind and that is to keep the city clean, green and healthy. So do not wait for these little notorious bugs affect you and call us right now. "


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