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About Datanet

Datanet is an industry leader in the implementation and servicing of wireless and mobile information systems. The company commenced servicing portable computer equipment in WA in 1982 and is now a prominent national solutions provider representing Motorola Enterprise Mobility, Datalogic and Denso among others.

After successful expansion into South Australia, July 1 2004 saw commencement of operations in Victoria which with the SPANZ alliance ( extends capabilities to the level needed.

In August of 1999 the company achieved Quality Assurance certification and successfully upgraded to the latest AS/ ANZ 9001:2000 QA standards in September 2003.

Radio Frequency (RF) technology is being used increasingly by Datanet clients and there are numerous installed Datanet sites throughout Australia. Clients scan barcodes or interrogate tags and send information wirelessly into databases. The technical people at Datanet are expert in designing these real time systems. Analysis of barcode printing solutions is another area where Datanet has special expertise.

Apart from the barcode systems the company has expertise in the emerging RFID technologies.

Datanet continues to maintain a strong customer support ethic. Our Professional Services (PS) department through its consultation, systems design and custom software applications integration, compliments our highly reputed maintenance and repair centre. The systems engineers are all certified to the latest Motorola Emb standards.

The company develops and implements applications in the supply chain, transportation and logistics, retail, manufacturing, mining & resources, government, health, education and utilities markets.

Datanet mission: to help companies achieve successful outcomes from proper roadmap to enterprise mobility. We use our knowledge, experience and skills together with our extensive range of suppliers.

We have developed the Datanet Roadmap to assist business in the proper evaluation of technology specific to individual industries and vertical markets.

Datanet has developed Mobility Matters as a methodology to support business decision making. As mobility becomes the way to automate work process and improve transaction accuracy, Datanets depth of industry experience and knowledge allow companies to benefit.

Knowing that the efficiency of the many warehouse functions and integration of related information are critical, many warehouse and distribution companies have realized that using the right technology can mean the difference between profit and loss. Leading Australian companies trust Datanet in providing the customized solution for the specialized operations they were looking for.

Transportation and logistics companies are well aware that the accuracy of information is critical for profitable operations and customer satisfaction. Datanet offers tailored road, railway and maritime cargo solutions for these constantly changing environments by combining mobile computers, advanced data capture and wireless technology.


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