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About Fremantle Hydraulics

Fremantle Hydraulics is Australia’s premier hydraulics centre for the Marine, Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, and Transport sectors.
We design, manufacture, install, repair, overhaul, and test all hydraulic components, including cylinders, pumps, and valves.
Our hydraulic specialists have a wealth of experience to deliver cutting edge, process-driven solutions to ensure your business success. We keep your business moving.

Hydraulic Manufacture, Sales & Service
Fremantle Hydraulics is a Western Australian owned and operated company that provides hydraulic services to Australia’s marine, mining, and industrial sectors.
Established in 1992, Fremantle Hydraulics has the resources, personnel, and experience to accommodate all of your hydraulic requirements under the one roof.

State-of-the Art Equipment
Our modern workshop is located at the Australian Marine Complex in Henderson, WA. It houses state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, the latest computer aided design technology, testing facilities, and purpose built machinery, such as our famous Nutcracker, for reduced downtime and increased workshop efficiency.

Experienced Hydraulics Team
Our fully qualified and highly skilled hydraulics team works around the clock to ensure each project is delivered in the shortest possible time frame. We are renowned for our precision manufacturing and our team has gained an enviable reputation for their prompt and reliable services including installations, repairs, overhauls, and testing.
Fremantle Hydraulics is also a recognised service agent for VestDavit – the world-leading provider of efficient and innovative boat handling systems.

Hydraulic Cranes, Pumps & Parts
Fremantle Hydraulics is the Australian distributor for HS Marine Cranes, Danfoss Water Hydraulics, and Duffield Hydraulic Equipment. We also supply products from Vickers, Oil Control, Parker, Sun Hydraulics, Aeroquip, Eaton, Auburn Gear, and SeaStar.

Hydraulics Manufacturing, Installation & Repair
Australia’s leading Marine, Mining, and Industrial operations rely on Fremantle Hydraulics for component manufacturing, sales, and service.
We can tailor hydraulic solutions to meet your specific industry requirements, from the design and manufacture of hydraulic components, to the installation, testing, repair, and servicing of both standard and customised hydraulic systems.
Using the latest computer aided technologies and equipment we are able to deliver products of outstanding quality, from the simplest to the most complex design configurations.

Fremantle Hydraulics is an Australian leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of hydraulic components. We use the latest design software and manufacturing technologies to develop hydraulic components of the highest quality.
We have the facilities, equipment, and experienced design and technical staff to undertake projects of all sizes from the smallest applications to major turnkey projects.

Fremantle Hydraulics specialises in the design and manufacture of hydraulic components for Australia’s Marine, Mining, Oil and Gas, Defence, and Transport industries.
Our design and engineering teams use the latest software and precision manufacturing technologies to develop products that meet evolving industry demands.
Our on-site and off-site workshops are fully equipped to manufacture all types of custom and standard hydraulic components.


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