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About Prestige Sheepskin

Prestige was started in 1986 and incorporated in Sydney. The business began as a mobile outlet and enjoyed rapid growth as the market responded to the quality of the product and the timeliness of delivery. By 1989 the business had grown to a size which justified a factory and fixed retail outlets.

From that time on Prestige has grown steadily as it developed unique skills in manufacturing-to order and delivering the product swiftly while maintaining its reputation for high quality goods and service. The company now has a substantial turnover and is growing steadily as it develops and refines its business systems while extending and deepening its market presence.

Prestige is now the largest independent Sheepskin manufacturer and distributor of high quality Sheepskin products in WA and maintains a significant presence in the national market through its mobile outlets and interstate retail operation.

The company has the expertise, strength and business systems to ensure that it can offer customers excellent value for money as well as the security of dealing with a business which has such extensive experience and with such a strong commitment to the industry and the market.

Over the years Prestige gas developed our own way of manufacturing high quality Sheepskin products in substantial volume while maintaining the quality and feel of a craft type of operation. Prestige is now the largest independent Sheepskin manufacturer and distributer.

As well as a large range of quality footwear, rugs, jackets, steering covers, and dash mats.

Our sheepskin car seat covers are divided into the broad categories of short wool and long wool which are then further divided into the various gradings determined by the length, density and quality of the wool.

The company has a substantial database of key measurements for a wide range of vehicles. This enables Prestige to manufacture to specifications cost efficiently.

The company also handles related Sheepskin products such as footwear, rugs, jackets, steering covers, and dash mats.


At Prestige Sheepskin skins are carefully chosen from the best suppliers to match with the respective product lines. Skins are classed by experienced production staff according to density, skin thickness and the extent to which the wool pile is plush.


Our experienced team at the factory select the pattern from the vast range we have accumulated over the years. Cutting is performed by hand to ensure maximum utilisation of skin as well as proper fit and layout. With custom made orders colours can be combined in different ways to achieve the precise look and feel that the customer requires.


Only experienced machinists carry out stitching work on our manufactured products. The threads and backing material are of the highest quality and applied by staff under quality controlled conditions. This ensures that our manufactured products are long lasting and hard wearing.


All of our products are backed up by our 2 year factory warranty.


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