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Perth, WA
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Perth, WA
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About Topline Clothesline

What do you do on rainy days after getting through a large laundry and most of your clotheslines are outdoors? Do you wait until the rain is over and run the risk of your clothes becoming smelly, or do you undertake the physically demanding task of freeing up space indoors? Either way, it does not look good. For the first time in Australia, we are introducing the indoor electric clothesline. You will not find these electric clotheslines selling anywhere else in Australia; we are the only ones that offer this product right now. One of our clotheslines' most remarkable features is their ability to be installed on your ceiling, which allows you to load a large laundry all by a simple push of a remote-control button. The indoor clothesline is the ideal solution for drying your clothes indoors. They easily dry sheets & towels, have a heater for warm air drying, a fan for cool air drying, and many other seamless features that help you dry your clothes indoors effortlessly.


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