488 Scarborough Beach Road
1/2 Ledgar Road, Balcatta
Perth, WA
(08) 9240 6656
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About Total Metal Recyclers

Officially known as Total Metal Recyclers Pty Ltd, this company was established in 2005 and deals specifically with metals other than iron and carbon steel. They set up their business around gathering scrap copper, brass, stainless steel, lead, and nickel alloys. They will sell their inventory according for the best market price. Total Metal Recyclers sometimes gathers steel products but prefers higher-value metal. This company is family-owned and located in Western Australia. It desires to establish a personal relationship with customers because niche metal recycling involves smaller quantities and more individual needs. Obtaining the best outcome and price requires some cooperation. Total Metal Recyclers is an expert in the business and has contacts with recycling plants that guarantees the best price available in Perth and Western Australia. This company has convenient centers for selling your valuable scrap, and large quantities can qualify for free bin and removal services.


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